10 Binge-Worthy TV Shows To Watch During Quarantine

Just a few classic favorites

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#1. Friends

Did you see this coming? Friends is a classic. I’m sad to admit that I started watching Friends in middle school. My cousins introduced me to it, and every single summer we would sit on the couch with snacks and binge Friends like it was the very first time. I’m 22 years old now, and I almost cried when they took it off Netflix. Luckily, my incredible momma bought me the entire DVD collection.

#2. Game of Thrones

You guys, I didn’t get into GOT until it was over. I refused to watch it, I just couldn’t get hooked. Until I tried for probably the 10th time, and I was sold. I actually started watching season 2 instead of season 1 because I had tried so many times to get hooked and I was sick of the first episode. I’m very close to re-watching the entire thing all over again. This show is magical. It takes you out of your world and into another. The fact that basically every person you love… doesn’t live… well, let’s just say every single episode I cried and said, “that’s it, I’m done! I’m not watching another episode.”
Next episode: *Starting in 45 seconds…*
Me: *Clicks play.*

I rest my case. Watch this show.

#3. Gossip Girl

I love this show. I love New York. I watched Gossip Girl for the first time I believe in middle school. Maybe people won’t agree with me, maybe people will think I’m being awfully strange and deep for just a drama TV show, but hey, I loved it. It inspired my love for a city I had never been to, it inspired my love for fashion, it showed me a different lifestyle that I wasn’t living but would want to live because who on earth wouldn’t want to be a socialite? Okay maybe some people but I think it’s a good lifestyle. I’m here for it. I love Blake Lively, I think she’s a fantastic actress, so is Penn Badgley. He also sings in a band, did you know? Speaking of Penn Badgley…

#4. YOU

You is based on a novel, I remember reading it and thinking holy cow what a GREAT book. Next thing I know, there’s a TV show coming out. The first season was incredible, the second season was 10x better. When it first aired, I was already living in Los Angeles, and so it felt… personal? I don’t know if that’s the right word for it. All I know is that they captured LA perfectly. Also, the show is amazing. My boyfriend even watched it with me, without me asking!

#5. Pretty Little Liars

An oldie, but a goodie. I love this show, it’s creative, mysterious, and can somebody please tell me who is A?

#6. Greys Anatomy

Still going strong which is why I love it. By the way, I genuinely feel like I could be a doctor now that I have seen this show. Try me! I cried when McSteamy and McDreamy died. Life is not fair.

#7. Reign

Reign is a good show, it’s like the G version of Game of Thrones.

#8. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This show is so FUN. New York in the 1950s makes me wonder if I belong in that time period. I say the same thing about the 1920s and the 1500s though so I don’t know! This show is hilarious, it’s witty and clever. Highly recommend.

#9. Sex and the City

My absolute favorite. I love everything about it. A true classic, a true exposition of New York City. (IMO)
A lot of people have controversial feelings towards this show, yes it’s all about sex, yes there are a LOT of inappropriate moments (looking at you Samantha) however, I think this show is extremely empowering for women. Women shouldn’t be shamed for owning their sexuality, yes of course I agree, be MODEST, in which case I think certain characters (Carrie, Charlotte) do portray modesty, however, if you’re a Samantha… well, you do you girl. I think this a great show, it teaches women to stand up for what they want, it teaches women to build their own careers and lives, as a writer I loved Carrie and her character. I enjoyed! (and still do!) Wouldn’t recommend to younger girls, I didn’t watch this till I was at least 20. A classic is a classic.

#10. 90210

I will admit, I prefer the newer version. In 2008, 90210 got a face-lift and I am here for it! I think this show is a little similar to Gossip Girl, which obviously I liked, I thought it was a great description of Los Angeles, I remember watching it and dreaming about living in LA. I loved all of the characters, I love the storyline. Highly recommend!

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