3 Pieces of Relationship Advice I Wish I Got Earlier

If applied, these will help your relationships thrive.

Dayana Sabatin



I started dating in middle school. His name was James, he had skater hair with bright blue eyes, and he called me a cupcake.

It was an epic love story.

Fast forward to high school and college, I dated here and there but nothing too serious. Not because I didn’t want to get serious, mostly it was because I was raised to believe that dating should lead to marriage, and the men that were swooping into my life were definitely not marriage material.

However, I met my current partner a little over two years ago, and the first time we hung out together alone, he told me that he believed dating should lead to marriage, and that’s why he never really dated before. I was sold, and we’ve been together ever since.

We’ve had quite a bit of ups and downs. Doesn’t everyone? Still, throughout it all, we’ve stayed together and have grown in ways I would have never thought possible.

I’ve realized that while relationship advice is abundant and you can get it from essentially anyone, there are 3 particular things that I wish I knew about earlier that would have helped me, but hopefully, they can now help you instead.

Compromise Does Not Mean Sacrifice.

Writer Anjali Sareen Nowakowski for Elite Daily puts it perfectly,

Compromise is mutual, while sacrifice is disproportionate. Compromise inspires a visual image of two people, coming from two different perspectives, and finding a mutual solution to a problem.

When you compromise in a relationship, it usually means that both of you have come to a problem that you’re not entirely sure how to deal with, but you know the best way to resolve it is by both of you making some adjustments to your behavior as well as desires to keep your relationship healthy and happy.

Meanwhile, sacrifice is one-sided. It usually means that one of you is doing the heavy lifting and giving something up for the other over and over again.

Compromises are healthy in a relationship; they allow you to stay focused on problem-solving together in an…



Dayana Sabatin

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