Do This ONE Thing If You Want To Change Your Life For The Better

you won’t believe what it is

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So you have decided that you want to change your life.

First, I want to say, go you. Honestly, making the decision to better yourself is the single most important decision you’ll make in your life.

Second, I want to tell you that making this change will not require you to take any life classes, attend any conferences, nor buy any new workout clothes.

And lastly, making this decision will not only change your life but it will allow you to live a better and more wholesome life.

Now, what is this ONE thing?

It’s simple.

Do you ever stop and think about the small voice in the back of your head that is constantly commenting on everything you do throughout your day?

Are you seriously going to snooze yet again?

Are you sure you want to eat that?

Your workout was not nearly challenging enough.

You’re only going to write 1000 words? Are you kidding me?

You’re only going to read 10 pages? Really?

You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving yourself, and see what happens. — Louise L. Hay

Truly ask yourself this question, how often do you put yourself down? How often do you look at your day and think, “wow I accomplished a lot today!” in comparison to, “crap, I only did 5/10 things I had to do today, I’m such a failure.”

Why is it that you ultimately go towards the negatives? Why is it that the fact that you accomplished HALF of the things you set out to do, make you feel proud of yourself?

Why do you play your own greatness down when you should be celebrating the little wins just as much as the big ones.

Stop putting the cap on yourself when your potential is trying to come out.

There isn’t a single person on this planet that can influence your life and wellbeing as positively as you can. Begin developing habits of positive self-talk in order to see yourself in the highest light possible.

You can do this by journaling, writing down affirmations, speaking positive things over your life.

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve woken up 30 minutes earlier just so I could have additional time to write my affirmations down. I write them out then repeat them back to myself.

This has reinforced incredible positivity into my life, and slowly, I have been looking at myself in a way that I honestly never have before.

Think about your achievements

How often do you think about everything you have achieved in the last few years prior to speaking negatively about yourself?

How often did you say, “I’ve run marathons, I never skip gym sessions, and I eat well.” When you tell yourself that your workout wasn’t challenging enough, or you shouldn’t be treating yourself.

Why don’t you think you can do more than what you’ve accomplished?

“Self-criticism, like self-administered brain surgery is perhaps not a good idea.” — Joyce Oates

Change your mindset, change your life.

Words have power. Your words have the ability to be a positive or negative reinforcement on your life. Start choosing the positive one.

Change the way you talk to yourself.

Writer sharing thoughts on self-improvement and relationships. Connect with me: IG: dayana_sabatin YT:

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