Hello COVID-19, Goodbye Employment

I have 8 days left before I lose my job.

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I’ve been counting down the days because I know the exact day that will be my last.

I know I’m not the only one.

Who would have thought that a mutant flu virus could crash the global stock markets?

Who would have thought that businesses would all be shut down and people would be double and triple sanitizing their cartons of almond milk prior to putting them in their fridges?

Not me.

I’m not saying I had my dream job, but I am saying I had a job that paid the bills and provided security.

The number of unemployed people who were jobless has increased by 1.5 million in March to 3.5 million.

“Economic forecasts that predict unemployment will exceed its historic 25 percent peak during the Great Depression are becoming routine, and the number of jobs lost in a mere three weeks now exceeds the 15 million that it took 18 months for the Great Recession to bulldoze from 2007 to 2009.”

According to research, the 16.8 million unemployment claims, filed between March 15 and April 4, translate to more than one in 10 workers seeking jobless benefits.

I want to say I have a grand plan for the day after I lose my job, but in all honesty, I feel lost like everybody else.

All I have is my passion. My writing. My laptop. My journal. My pen and paper. Somehow, that makes me feel a sort of comfort.

Sometimes, we have to be pushed to extremes, and sometimes we have to be uncomfortable in order to do what we were truly meant to do.

I hope you find your sense of comfort throughout this difficult time. I hope you discover your passion and create something beautiful out of it.

I hope you know, you are going to be okay.

Writer sharing thoughts on self-improvement and relationships. Connect with me: https://bit.ly/2Xj9WsX IG: dayana_sabatin YT: https://bit.ly/3q4mi4E

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