How To Make Time For Your Hobbies

Dayana Sabatin
4 min readNov 18, 2019

and why you should be spending time doing what YOU love

It’s human nature to crave success, to crave approval and appraisals even. However, sometimes we often get busy. Busy doing.. Well life.

I love reading. I’m a book nerd to the max. I read the entire Harry Potter series in four days in the fourth grade. Books are my passion, they are my hobby, my escape, etc. However, as the years have went by, I’ve noticed that my books have settled down on the back burner. My other passion, writing, has also become something I would do when I found myself completing all of my tasks and having just a little bit of time to spare. Cooking is something I used to love, however it is also something I began looking at as a sort of chore because I have a list of 10 other things I need to accomplish, so doordash it is.

I say all of that to show you that I am just like you, I have dropped so many hobbies and passions because, ‘I don’t have the time,’ or my ultimate favorite, ‘I’ll do it later.’ The truth is, you won’t do it later. You do have the time. You just have to MAKE the time for it.

Let’s use myself as an example and my three passions/hobbies.

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Cooking

My current schedule looks like this: Wake up at 5, gym at 5:30, get to work by 9 AM at the latest. Then, get home by 3–4 PM, cook dinner, when I say cook dinner, I mean make something that will take me less than 20 minutes, have dinner around 5–6. Clean, relax, bed by 9, watch TV till I fall asleep, (most likely 10 PM.)

Now let’s break everything apart. When I work out, what do I listen to? What about when I’m driving to work? How about during my lunch break? What about on my drive back home? Anything going on when I’m relaxing at home? Do I need to watch TV right before bed?

Making the time for your hobbies can be very simple. First, think of all the people in the world that are out there doing their thing. Writing is not only their passion, but also their career. Cooking is not only something people do because they have to eat, but because they enjoy it. Reading isn’t something people are forced to do, it’s something they do to learn, entertain themselves, etc. Why can’t you be one of…

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