I Want You To Take Me On A Date Even Though We Are Already Dating

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I want to go on a date.

We go every Friday night.

But they aren’t always that great. Lately, it seems as though we go simply for an excuse to drink — or better yet, to simply say, ‘we went on a date last Friday.’ We eat, we drink, at the end of the night I’m tipsy

We walk home

Sometimes we have sex, but lately we haven’t been. We get so busy and tired during the week, that this outing, this ‘date’ has begun to feel like an escape from our work lives. A way to enjoy good food, a way to drink to excess to forget about the stress we’ll have to go back to on Monday.

I want to go on a date, though.

I want to dress up. I want to put on a skirt that makes you dizzy with lust

I want to wear my red lipstick that you love so much because you think it compliments skin tone

I want to wear my Chanel perfume that makes you think of me

I want you to guide me into the restaurant with your hand on the small of my back

I want to drink and feel the warmth of the alcohol go through my body and push away everything that shouldn’t be there

I want to feel us in that moment

I want to feel your fingertips on my thigh as we’re waiting for our food

I want you to talk to me like you used to

I want us to laugh and look at each other with that desire we once had

I want us to get up quickly, I want you to throw cash on the table to pay for the meal we barely touched because we have to get home as soon as humanly possible

I want you to want to devour me instead

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