This Is Why Your Life Sucks And This Is How To Turn It Around

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My life used to suck, it doesn’t now. I’ve learned through a lot of trial and error that I’m the only person who is responsible for the suck or lack thereof.

If you feel that yours does, it most likely does. Not trying to be harsh, but if you’re reading this you’re probably in your feels right now, and looking for some sort of light at the end of the tunnel, or whatever it is that people search for nowadays. Here’s why your life probably sucks, and what you can do to turn it around.

The facts

I used to think that people that were happy were just lucky. They got gifted with bright and shiny things that allowed them to live these “non-sucky lives.”

I looked at people with successful careers as lucky

I looked at people with parents that had a successful marriage as lucky

I looked at happy people as lucky. Why? They were blessed with a better attitude than I was

However, if you really think long and hard about this, and trust me, I have, you’ll come to realize that success, living the life that you want, or at the very least not feeling like your life sucks, isn’t due to luck. It’s due to one very simple little thing that a lot of people lack. Can I get a drumroll, please?

It’s called… discipline.

People aren’t just lucky. I mean, sure maybe to some extent, but the majority of people that you know that you deem as “successful,” all work hard for their success. And you my friend, probably do the exact opposite of what they are doing.

You create excuses.

You’re creating excuses from the butt crack of dawn, till the time you get into your pajamas and your head hits that pillow.

“I hate my job, but like it’s so hard to start a business now anyway so I’m just going to do what I hate.”

“I wish I was thin… but it’s so hard to go to the gym, like I have to wake up early and it’s such a hassle.”

“I wish I ate more healthy… but healthy food is so expensive, like I would rather just eat this bag of Doritos.”

“I hate where I live… but I don’t know how to change my situation, like how do I move?”

“I wish I had that person's life but it’s so hard, they must have had rich parents… or like… they were lucky.”

“I wish I was motivated to do this… but like I really need to relax today because #selfcare. Maybe tomorrow.”

If you have ever said any of those or anything similar, you have made excuses for not bettering yourself and your life.

There’s a variety of reasons people make excuses

The struggle is truly within yourself as an individual.

The problem is you.

The problem is your lack of discipline, it’s your lack of knowing what you truly want for yourself, it’s not wanting to succeed badly enough, and it’s settling for mediocrity because it’s easier than putting in the effort and putting in the work.

I have a friend who visited me a few months after I first moved to LA. She loved it. She had a vision to become a travel videographer, she wanted to move to LA because there were more opportunities for that than where she was. She also hated where she currently lives and she thought her quality of life would drastically change once she moved. She made the plan, she set a date, I helped her with everything I possibly could. And you know what? It’s been almost two years since she has made that plan.

Each time her moving date came closer and closer, she would say, “I haven’t saved enough money.” or, “I need to wait for a better apartment,” or my ultimate favorite, “I need to wait because my other friend might want to move too.”

You will never have enough money. You will never have the “perfect apartment,” and you should never hold yourself back from bettering yourself for someone else.

This is an example of not wanting to better yourself badly enough.

This is an example of settling for mediocrity because you’re too scared to take the plunge for a better life.

You remember that thing I mentioned? Called discipline? Let’s talk about that.

What makes successful people successful is what you do when you don’t want to do it. — Andy Frisella

Making the decision to better your life and make it essentially, “not suck” is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. And we all know that anything that is truly worth it, will never be easy.

The reason your life sucks isn’t because you weren't blessed, it’s not because you aren’t lucky, it isn't because other people are better than you. The reason your life sucks is because you make up excuses to every problem that you have instead of actively looking for a solution.

The way to better your life and turn it around is by creating discipline and cultivating habits that will ensure that you have the life that you want.

Every successful person will tell you the same thing.

You’re going to fail, you’re going to get screwed over, you’re going to struggle, but if you persevere and push through the struggle, you will get the results that you want.

Jim Carrey dropped out of high-school to help support his family. He became a janitor and later on was booed off stages, failed to land parts, but eventually became one of the most well-known actors.

Katy Perry, dropped out of high school to become a singer. She was dropped from 3 labels, and she continued to pursue her career, working odd jobs and doing back-up vocals until she was signed.

J.K Rowling, jobless, divorced, penniless, with a dependent child, suffered through bouts of depression, on top of that, all 12 major publishers rejected the Harry Potter script. Now, she is considered to be the most successful woman author in the United Kingdom.

Walt Disney, was fired by the editor in 1919 from his job at the Kansas City Star paper because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Now, Walt Disney Company has touched the lives of millions across the globe.

These are all perfect examples of ordinary people, human-beings who found something they loved and pursued it. They knocked on doors till their knuckles bled, they persevered even when they were knocked down, and they achieved the life that they wanted for themselves.

How to make your life not suck

Step 1. Stop making excuses. Stop saying that you need a perfect time, or you don’t have enough money, or you’re too tired or you’re just not good enough. Stop making up excuses claiming “self-love” or sitting in your own self-pity while complaining that you just can’t amount to anything. Stop making excuses when you have all the resources you could possibly have in order to make something of yourself.

Step 2. Stop being lazy. Honestly, you’re a grown individual. You being lazy should not even be a problem, but I understand it probably is if you feel like your life sucks. If you want to be successful, you have to create habits that will ultimately lead you to success. This means taking care of yourself, this means taking care of your health and prioritizing your wellness. Don’t be lazy, stop cutting corners. Go to the gym, eat well, nourish your body, sleep well so your body could function properly.

Step 3. Create a plan. You need a plan. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that you can’t just wake up and say, “Oh, I’m going to start a business and make a crap ton of money.” No, I’m sorry, it doesn’t work that way. I learned the hard way, I want you to learn from my mistakes, learn from everybody’s mistakes, especially when you are first starting out. You can’t just expect success to fall from the sky. You can’t expect to grow a platform without providing value in return. Create a plan. Write it out. Start checking off the boxes.

Step 4. Get it done. If you want something you have to work hard for it. That means no complaining, that means getting out of your comfort zone, that means engaging with people, that means doing the work when you don’t want to. That means saying no to something you want to say yes to, simply because you know you need to work on your business. That means creating a set of tasks at the beginning of the day that you know will put you closer towards your goals, and sticking to it. The list goes on.

You can’t expect the universe to just grant you the life of your dreams simply because you WANT it in your head.

If you never get what you want, that is no one’s fault but your own.

Writer sharing thoughts on self-improvement and relationships. Connect with me: IG: dayana_sabatin YT:

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