“What If?” The Ultimate Success Killer

“You’ll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that.”
Roald Dahl

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One of the most common questions, when you’re on your entrepreneurship journey, is you ask yourself the question

“What if”

What if I do all this work and I don’t get the results that I want?

What if I go to the gym and train and eat salads and I still don’t look the way I want to look?

What if I put all this time and energy into a relationship and it doesn’t work out?

You can literally say “What if” in every aspect of your life and use it as a way to get out of doing what needs to be done.

I think I could write a trilogy on my “what if’s.”

They look at success as a magical thing. As if they could go out and do every single step that is necessary and they somehow won’t get the result because the powers of the universe or whatever they believe in has deemed them as unsuccessful.

It’s not true, in fact, it’s the complete opposite.

There are millions of people with half the talent you have, are arguably lazier than you, less educated than you that have gone out and done what you want to do because they didn’t waste time asking themselves, “what if I do this and this doesn’t happen?”

It’s one thing to analyze where you’re going in your career, but it’s an entirely different thing to fill yourself with anxiety, uncertainty, and questions because you don’t know where it is you’re going.

Nobody who has built anything successful ever knew exactly where they were going to end up.

They might claim to have known, they may even tell you that every single step that they took was planned. However, it’s not true. They just want to tell you how great they are and pretend they know everything there is to know.

The way that successful entrepreneurs go about things, is they look at the situation and they say, “hey if we do this and if we try this eventually we will end up over here and THAT is where we wanna be.”

They then do everything in order to get themselves to that point.

You make a plan, you look at the plan, and then you think to yourself, “I don’t know if this will work.” You then begin manipulating the plan, changing x,y, and z. You then continue doing that an additional 2–3 times.

Resulting in you not even starting the plan.

What if you had actually started the plan? What if you had simply gone to the gym, trained for an hour, started watching your food, started being more active in your everyday life, started drinking that water instead of soda, what would have happened?

Six months from now would you have been closer to your goal? Or would you be farther?

You have to quit asking yourself, “What if” and over-analyzing everything.

Doing something and taking initiative is going to get you closer to where you want to be rather than sitting on your butt, biting your nails and wondering… “what if.”

What if Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn, the credited inventors of the internet were like:

Vinton: “What if it doesn’t work, mate?”

Bob: “Yeah, it might not. Better not try. Want to grab a beer?”

Vinton: “Sounds like a plan.”


Leonardo Da Vinci: “I make beautiful art but… what if nobody likes it?”

Anything that is truly successful could have easily been dismissed by one conversation.

The mentality that you need to have is, “even if it fails, we’ll try again and make it 10x better.”

That is the mentality of a champion.

The key to success isn’t having a perfect plan. It’s not knowing what to do.

It’s doing it despite not knowing what to do.

It’s doing it and being able to observe, adapt, reassess, and adjust when necessary.

So if you’re sitting there asking yourself 10 “what if” questions, you’re never going to get anywhere.

People who don’t succeed talk about the problems that are going to go wrong.

Things will suck, things will be hard. You will face challenges and life will hit you when you least expect it.

However, you’re gonna be better than the person who sat there twiddling their thumbs saying, “well I could have done that if I really wanted to, but I was scared.”

Quit analyzing everything in your life with “what if”

Start doing. Until you start, you are just like everybody else.

You don’t want to be average? Then start.

Stop waiting, stop analyzing, stop asking. Go.

Writer sharing thoughts on self-improvement and relationships. Connect with me: https://bit.ly/2Xj9WsX IG: dayana_sabatin YT: https://bit.ly/3q4mi4E

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