Why Cooking Together Is Something Every Couple Needs To Do

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Earlier today my best friend and I were chatting about what we were making for dinner and she mentioned that her husband doesn’t always help her cook, often times, he sits on the couch after she comes home from work and hurries to the kitchen to start cooking and of course, cleaning. A thought occurred to me at that moment, that my boyfriend, while he does offer to help every now and then, does something similar. I’ll be standing in the kitchen, chopping veggies, with the pan on the stove getting hotter and hotter by the minute, and he sits on the couch nose stuck in his laptop, unphased.

I began thinking about this and wondering, “is this something all women go through?” Is there really no man out there who enjoys helping his wife or girlfriend out in the kitchen while she’s making dinner? It isn’t like she’s making it all for herself, they’re BOTH eating it after all. Why is it that we have to ask men to help us with these things? Do all men have the same mindset of, “women are meant to be in the kitchen while the boys do boy things?” or perhaps is it laziness? And for the few times that they do offer help, why is it a “do you want me to help you?” as opposed to, “Oh, you’re starting on dinner? Let me do this while you work on that.”

That’s what I want. I think that’s what every woman would want. Especially when you’re a young couple. I understand when you have children and one of you is probably busy getting one kid to bed or whatever the situation may be, but as a young couple why can’t every night be filled with idle conversation over chopping and sautéing? Why do we women feel obligated to do these things alone while men completely omit themselves from the equation? “It’s just dinner, it’s not a big deal” some might say. I would argue that, because the way you do one thing is typically how you do everything.

I believe every couple should make it a goal to make meals together. If you don’t know this about me, I am a total foodie and I do think that food brings people together, and even if you aren’t a foodie, this is still something you can do with your partner in order to get closer to one another. Food is something that is in our lives, we need to eat to survive, and if you make one of those meals WITH your partner, it just ensures more quality time spent together.

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