Why the little things matter the most

and why you need to go back to them

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I was talking to my best friend from middle school the other day, and we were reminiscing on how we used to have Starbucks dates regularly and we were obsessed with frappuccinos and extra whip — we would run in the rain in order to get those drinks, no matter the weather or situation. We’d scavenge our houses for loose change, beg our parents for an extra dollar. We loved our Starbucks dates. And for something a little extra special, we would go to panda express and that in itself was amazing. We felt so happy despite the potential stomach ache that would come after. Those were the good days. Now I live in California, and she still lives in Oregon, we’re both in our early 20s and the other day we were discussing how easy life was back then, and how the simple things made us so happy (over-priced frozen drinks and greasy Chinese food) and now I need a $300 steak to make me feel excited. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. I have been blessed to live in the place that I do and I have an incredible boyfriend who loves food as much as I do so we go out quite frequently to enjoy nice meals and delicious wines.

However, this all got me thinking… how things have drastically changed. I used to be so excited to go out to a restaurant, no matter where it was. Now, I have to do three hours of research to make sure it’s good and well known.

Once again, nothing wrong with that. BUT… I do want to start being more cautious of what makes me excited. I want to go back to being that girl that was overjoyed by breakfast in the morning because a delicious cup of coffee and a yummy meal at home was enough to make me happy. I used to dream about going to California and going to the ocean everyday, now I live here and sometimes I forget that the ocean is a short walk away. I remember praying every night for a good man to come into my life and call me pretty everyday, make me coffee in bed, we would see the world together, he would never yell at me or make me feel small. He would always put me first, and I have that now. Yet, sometimes I forget.

We get so caught up in our lives, we constantly are blinded by the media, by other peoples lives that we dismiss the fact that we are here, living, exploring, doing, eating, breathing and achieving our hopes and dreams. I remember back in middle school I was obsessed with Gossip Girl, I dreamt about going to New York and walking through Central Park and shopping at 5th Avenue and getting coffee from one of those little booths on the street, and last week, I did that. My boyfriend got us tickets to New York for Christmas and I was overjoyed, however at the time we were both experiencing some personal family issues that we both allowed to get in the way of our trip, we were both agitated, upset and in a fairly down mood. After the trip, I remember going to bed at home in LA, and a part of me wanted to just cry my eyes out because I’d realized that I let so many things get in the way of my happiness. I let my mood constantly be dictated my worldly events instead of being balanced, being understanding, and being more carefree.

The big things matter. Trust me, fulfilling your travel dreams, going to incredible restaurants, shopping in fancy stores, staying at 5 star hotels, it all matters. But I think the problem is we constantly move our way up and we forget to take a moment and enjoy the little things. We even forget about the fact that we set a goal a week or a month ago, and we just achieved it, and we’re already planning the next one. Why weren’t we excited about fulfilling that initial goal? Why didn’t we take a moment to enjoy it? We forget. We forget about that little girl who couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and have coffee from her favorite mug, or we forget that we actually love cooking dinner at home or seeing the seasons change, or hearing the ocean at night, or whatever it may be. Sometimes, the little things are what makes you… well you. And I think it’s incredibly important to not lose sight of the little things, because they’re what makes you a good and honorable person.

Starting this year, I want to begin paying attention to the little things again. I want to fully envelope myself in everything, big or small, whatever it is, I want to enjoy it to the fullest. I want to squeal with delight from my morning cup of coffee because I went to bed thinking about it. I want to be excited to make dinner with my significant other because it’s our precious time together. I want to be happy from the little stuff. A few tips I’ve written down for myself that I want to share with you would be…

Tip #1: Stay off your phone in the mornings, make yourself your favorite breakfast and make your coffee just the way you love it in your favorite mug. Turn on some classical music and just enjoy yourself, enjoy the peace and quiet. Savor the moment, savor the food in your mouth, savor your coffee.

Tip #2: Stop stressing, relax. Remember, it isn’t the end of the world when problems occur. If something doesn’t go right, go with it. Remember that you can’t live the rest of your life feeling glum and down everytime something negative happens, and more importantly, you can’t let every negative thing out there impact you in such harsh ways. I know you may be sensitive, I know you may feel things down to your core. I do. However, try to be more easy going.

Tip #3. Go back to the beginning. Think about all of the things that used to make you happy. Do you still do them? For instance, I used to read, quite a lot. I love books, and I seldom read nowadays. Why? Because I thought it to be a small pleasure in my life I could go without. I let other things constantly get in the way. Go back to your roots, go back to doing what used to bring you joy. Whether that is reading, dancing, drawing, painting, etc. Make time for yourself and spend that time with yourself.

I hope you try these tips out. I hope you begin to remember what it is that matters most. If you liked this, give me a clap or follow. I appreciate you.

Writer sharing thoughts on self-improvement and relationships. Connect with me: https://bit.ly/2Xj9WsX IG: dayana_sabatin YT: https://bit.ly/3q4mi4E

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